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As I indicated in yesterday’s post (see “TSTC Marshall’s Recent Grads and Claim that 81% Have Jobs“), I’ve sent a Texas Public Information Act request to the Texas State Technical College System Administration office to get a full breakdown of TSTC Marshall’s fall 2013 graduation employment numbers. The response will be a while getting to me because of the holidays. The text of my request appears below.

Subject:     Texas Public Information Act Request: TSTC Marshall Fall 2013 Grad “Placement”
To:     jerry sorrells
Cc:     jerry sorrells, jonathan.hoekstra
Date:     Friday, December 27, 2013 7:06 AM

Dear Mr. Sorrells:

In accordance with the Texas Public Information Act, please send to me any document or records that show the total number of TSTC Marshall graduates and completers for fall 2013 and break down that total to show the number of graduates and completers who landed a job related to their TSTC program of study, the number who landed a job unrelated to the program studied at TSTC Marshall, the number who continued their education by transferring to another college, and any other category TSTC may track such as those who entered the military. Further, if TSTC has records for the number of fall 2013 graduates or completers it actually placed or found jobs for as opposed to students’ finding their own jobs, please provide those records, as well.

By way of explanation and to inform your records search, the Marshall News-Messenger recently ran a story titled “TSTC Graduates 51, Four-Fifths Have Jobs.” That story reports that 81% have jobs. Pointedly, it does NOT say if those jobs are related to the program of study or not, nor does it indicate if that 81% includes students who transferred to another college, although when officials speak of “placement” or students being “placed,” which this article does, those who continued their education are generally included in the percentages reported to the public. Accordingly, I need a breakdown to clarify this report by the Marshall News-Messenger. TSTC Marshall posted such a breakdown for fall 2012 on its website. If such a report with the same sort of breakdown and categories is already prepared for fall 2013, providing that report will give me everything I’ve asked for in this request other than the number of grads actually placed by the college.  If no such report is prepared, then please provide alternate records that reflect that information.

Please forward any records to me at [address redacted]. Provided it results in no extra cost to me, you may also forward any records electronically in PDF format or Microsoft Word or Excel 2010 formats.

Questions regarding this request should be directed to me via e-mail. You may also call or text me at 254-XXX-XXXX [phone redacted].

Thanks for your assistance. Also, I would imagine that the staff is on a well-deserved Christmas holiday now, and I recognize your response will take a little longer than usual. I hope you’re having a great holiday season!


–George W. Reamy
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