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As mentioned in my previous post (see “Administrator Salary & Non-Salary Compensation FY 2013 posted on 11/24/2013), Texas public colleges and universities must submit their Administrative Accountability Reports annually by December 1st. I have already received all of the Texas State Technical College’s campus and system reports. They are listed below. (Those who wish to compare FY 2013 to FY 2014 salaries should open the link in this post’s first sentence above.) Visitors should keep in mind that these reports do NOT reflect the big reorganization and title swap announced by Chancellor Reeser in November. Any raises as a result of that will be reflected in next year’s reports, although I’ll get around to asking for salary and compensation on everybody mentioned in that e-mail before too long. Meanwhile, open the links below to view TSTC’s reports. The Lamar Institute of Technology’s report is coming to a blog near you soon!

TSTC Harlingen Admin Acct FY14 131206

TSTC West Texas Admin Acct FY14 131206

TSTC System Admin Acct FY 2014 131206

TSTC Waco Admin Acct FY 2014 131206

TSTC Marshall Admin Acct FY 2014 131206