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I recently had an exchange with a Lamar Institute of Technology representative when I asked for employment stats ONLY for jobs students managed to land that were related to their field of study at the institution. I came up dry, but I admire the forthright, non-evasive answer that the LIT official gave me.  In that regard, it was a rather refreshing response. Please see the e-mail exchange below. Click on the images to enlarge them. For those who don’t want to take the time to enlarge the two images below, the key statement from LIT is as follows: “Unfortunately, this information is neither collected by LIT or available to us as an institution from either the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board (THECB) or the Texas Workforce Commission (TWC).”

Reamy-Szuch re Lamar Institute of Technology Employment in Field or Program 130922 Mosley-Reamy re Lamar Institute of Technology Employment in Field or Program Rate 130924

Now, the only exception I’ve found to what the LIT rep says is the report located on the TSTC West Texas site. It’s not particularly user-friendly (Would a prospective student know the difference between the “WLT” program and the “WET” program?), and it requires more than just surfing the college’s site to access it, but it’s there. I haven’t been able to find such a report on other colleges’ sites, however. [LATE ENTRY: TSTC Marshall allows website visitors to download some program-related job information, as well.] I suspect the Texas State Technical College West Texas report is online as some sort of effort or fallout of the new “Returned Value Funding Model” the whole TSTC system went to this fiscal year. It’s what state and federal databases uncover that matter, however, so I’m about half-surprised that TSTC West Texas has that info available, given those claims of over 90% “placement” in the media and the report’s revelation that program-related employment was at 71% for the three semesters in 2012.

The placement saga will continue.