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As visitors recall, last week I declared a little “contest” between the state’s public technical colleges to see which one would have the most articles out there, and I put my money on Texas State Technical College Harlingen. For the purposes of this little contest, I used exclusively the results my automatic Google searches brought to my e-mail in-box. Perhaps there’s another story or two out there, but the articles linked below are what Google brought me. I didn’t go looking for anything else. And one final note: I don’t subscribe to the Chronicle of Higher Ed, so since the first paragraph, all I could get to, didn’t mention any college in particular, I assigned it to “TSTC (General).”

For my money, Harlingen still came out on top of this unofficial, little competition. Oh, not in the sheer number of articles, perhaps, but at least all three of its articles, linked below, were positive. Furthermore, they have the feel of articles that were planned and pitched by the campus, although I could be wrong since I haven’t asked anyone over there. It feels like “on purpose” stuff to me, though.

The campus that “won” the contest in terms of the number of media articles, TSTC Waco, had five stories. The problem with those five is that three of ’em were for crimes committed by students (one incident appeared in two different venues), not exactly recruiters’ dream press coverage, eh? Poor TSTC Waco. Even the two positive stories weren’t about the college and only mentioned the school in passing more than anything else, but–hey–honorable mention still gets the brand out there, I suppose. One way as the other, it feels like accidental PR for the most part.

With three articles (and one of those negative), little Marshall didn’t do badly, but, of course, TSTC West Texas had to tussle with the Lamar Institute of Technology for last place. I know that fall registration is over, but a college with ongoing enrollment trouble needs to keep the full court press on the media. LIT may have had only one article, but its enrollment has been steady, too.

It’s official: For the most quality coverage Harlingen wins!

Lamar Institute of Technology

TSTC (General)

TSTC Harlingen

TSTC Marshall


TSTC West Texas