As visitors may suspect, I have Google on the job 24/7 looking for new media articles about the state’s public technical colleges. Harlingen is doing very well in the media relations department, by the way. I haven’t done an “official” count, but it seems to me that Harlingen has the other colleges beaten in terms of the sheer number of news articles by about 3 to one or so. Some of my visitors may be aware that Harlingen is doing pretty doggone well in terms of enrollment and other areas, too. I’m thinking that’s no accident, and the two, media & enrollment, are closely related. Getting one’s name out there works.

So let’s see how TSTC colleges and the Lamar Institute of Technology compare, shall we? I’m going to count the number of articles Google brings back to me for a week. The results will be announced next Sunday. My money is on Harlingen. Considering its enrollment problems, TSTC West Texas ought to win, but we’ll see whose PR people are really into PR.

Let’s hope the articles Google sends me are better than this one about Marshall:

Stay tuned.