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Money must be pretty tight at Texas State Technical College West Texas for administrators to decide not to replace a custodian and ask staff to perform custodial duties.  Please open the link below to view an e-mail from TSTC West Texas Vice President Ray Fried to the TSTC Sweetwater campus:

Fried – Sweetwater Campus re Custodian 130731

We know that the campus that’s been preparing for the new funding model since 2008 lost monetary ground and took a significant hit on state funding for the coming 2014-15 biennium, when the new Returned Value Funding Model takes effect. We also know local money is hurtin’ for certain as President Lawrence’s e-mail last year reveals when she discussed “breathing life onto SW campus Auxiliary Services side.” As my readers may know, auxiliary services, services such as the campus bookstore, cafeteria, and dorms, produce locally-raised money through student spending. Local money, compared to state money, has very few strings attached, giving campuses a great deal of spending flexibility; however, if a campus has very few students, it has very little local money, which, because of its flexibility, is used to pay for a myriad of expenses at campuses, including salaries. I’m thinking TSTC West Texas is raising its enrollment in the nick–and I mean the very nick–of time. When an outfit starts giving directions to dumpsters and asking its professional staff to take out the trash, it’s flying pretty low, dangerously low, to the ground.

Of course, all those laid off employees may disagree with the “nick of time” argument.