That new funding model that everyone at TSTC has heard so much about for years will finally be in effect in September 2013 when all TSTC campuses will be funded via the new methodology. The funding for the next biennium has already been set aside by the Legislature. I’m going to have plenty to say about that new model in coming days, but for now I thought I’d slap up the applicable pages of the General Appropriations Acts for the 2012-13 and 2014-15 biennia so readers could compare the differences in appropriations for themselves. A couple of campuses are getting more money, not much, but more, and a couple aren’t. The campus that has constantly reminded everyone that it has been preparing for the new model since 2008 or so, West Texas, lost a little over a million. When an outfit’s budget WAS only $12 million and change, that’s a significant hit.

Here are those two biennia’s appropriations. The 2012-13 printout dropped the heading for TSTC West Texas, but just count down four pages and look for the heading “GRAND TOTAL TEXAS STATE TECHNICAL COLLEGE – WEST TEXAS.”

TSTC System-Wide GAA 2012-2013 130612

TSTC System-wide GAA 2014-2015 130612

Much more on all this later.