As readers know by now, the Texas State Technical College West Texas is experiencing an enrollment crisis of unprecedented proportions. Yesterday’s post, titled “Will Fall 2013 Term Continue Downward Trend at TSTC West Texas?,” laid out the student numbers problem in detail. Today, this post will discuss the following page from TSTC West Texas’s Legislative Appropriations Request for the 2014-2015 biennium.  That page appears below (click on it to make it larger):

LAR Schedule 7: Personnel TSTC West Texas LAR Schedule 7 Personnel 2014-2015 Biennium 130610

I, of course, added that snazzy red arrow pointing to the non-appropriated fund personnel projections. Readers will note that TSTC West Texas had 102 employees in this category in FY 2011. At the time they submitted this updated LAR in October 2012, administrators expected to have just over half that number, 52, by the end of FY 2013, this fiscal year.

Non-appropriated fund employees are NOT paid out of state money. They are largely, if not exclusively, paid from locally-generated funds from sources like the campus bookstore sales, dorm fees, parking fees, etc. Accordingly, this student shortage is really hitting non-appropriated fund employees hard if administrators live up to their projections.

That’s not to say that people paid from state money are escaping entirely. As Schedule 7 shows, their numbers are being reduced from 269 employees to 245, a 24-employee cut.

Now, all this is based, inevitably, on meeting certain enrollment thresholds. Here’s what the state expects from TSTC West Texas now as revealed in the General Appropriations Act for the coming biennium. I imagine TSTC folks helped the state come up with these numbers:

TSTC West Texas GAA excerpt Annual Headcount Enrollment 130610

TSTC West Texas GAA excerpt Annual Headcount Enrollment

As readers can see from yesterday’s post regarding student numbers, those projections assume that those spiraling student numbers will not only stop spiraling down but actually rise significantly. Last fiscal year’s student headcount was 1,507 and they’re projecting 2,150 for FY 2014, an increase of 643 paying students.  They’re projecting an even bigger increase for FY 2015.

The drop has to stop sometime. I hope, for employees’ sake, it happens this fall.